So its coming, with the speed of a coca cola convoy train it feels!! I love christmas, all the sparkle and the thoughts that have to go into each present. This year we are really concentrating on less is more and reuse and recycle. My mum has challenged us to either make presents or the presents have to be second hand which is super easy for her since she is a sewing machine genius however us mer mortals are not!! Second hand it is then!!!! For others I have gone with the idea of experiences, sponsorships or memberships (woodland trust is my fav at the moment).

I love to see people come along on the experiences we offer here at the centre and then see that they have already shared pics in social media, or changed their profile pic to one of our birds, I love that they love the experience as much as i love sharing it with them. The charismatic characters they get to meet win their hearts and stay in their memories forever!

As a business we have always concentrated on British Wild life as that’s where our passion lays and I am always shocked at how few people really know our top predators, which is why our sessions are so passionate, we want to teach you these things, we want to make you fall in love with, and respect, the birds that grace the sky literally right out side your front door. You can’t love and protect what you don’t know.

So if you know someone that loves nature, loves birds, that you think should love birds, young minds that need to fall in love with birds, a family that needs time together, or simply the person that has absolutely everything then perhaps a gift voucher from Feathers and Fur Falconry is for you. Join us on all the social media channels to see the christmas offers we have in store for you.

Lots of Love and a Merry Christmas Sadie xxxx