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A full service for your Bird of Prey, dressing with made to measure Anklets, Jesses, and Coping.

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Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre has 20 years of experience working with birds including Hawks, Owls, Falcons and Eagles and is able to fit your bird with made to measure falconry equipment along with a coping service and foot maintenance.

Whether you are looking to buy your first bird, have bought your bird or are coming out of moult we can fully dress your bird (Hawk / Owl / Falcon / Eagle) with handmade equipment from Kangaroo or Calf anklets and Jesses made to fit your bird perfectly.

Coming out of moult or just halfway through the year, your bird’s beak may need a trim, known as Coping. If inexperienced you may hit the quick and cause your bird great pain and discomfort. Feathers and Fur will cast your bird and quickly and stress-free cope the bill back into shape.

What’s involved?

Pair of Anklets, hand-made to fit individual birds (not ‘species’ as is found on most online shops – in our experience these never fit well and can cause rubbing and sores)
Pair of hand-made flying Jesses (these can be permanently fitted if you would like)
Pair of hand-made mews Jesses
Bewit strap (need to supply your own bell)
Full top and bottom beak trim and file and shape
Talon trim and foot inspection
Mite treatment, can also offer advice and ‘how to’ for worm treatment and testing
Visit and tour the centre and if you have any questions or worries about your set up we can have a proper chat over a cup of tea!

This service is by appointment only please call or email to arrange a time. It is very important that your bird is not fed before your appointment.

If you are looking for recommendations for equipment such as scales, lure lines, gloves and creance we recommend both the following websites Falconry Equipment and Westweald Falconry. For telemetry equipment, both radio and GPS Marshall Telemetry . And for registering your bird to help reunite you when they are lost then the only one to use is the amazing Independent Bird Register.



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