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Frozen food for Reptiles and Raptors 

So today was a massive day for us, a great step in adjusting to the new world! We launched the sale of our frozen Reptile and Raptor foods.

In early 2020 Reading Reptiles shop which was based on site along side our centre at Ladds Garden Village, sadly closed its doors and with it went our supply of frozen food. So we decided that we would skip the middle man and supply our own birds along side others that had also lost their source of food for animals such as reptiles and snakes.

Sooooooo because nothing is ever as simple as it seems we set about renting a container on site (once we had moved all our work shed around and realised that we couldn’t fit a second massive freezer in there!), then we had to install electrics in there and then moved the second hand freezer in, with a big defrost and clean. Then set up an account with the suppliers and hey presto our first order was in………AND……….COVID-19 shut the world down!!!!!!!

A quick call to the supplier was met with the news that if the supplier was to go into lock down then frozen food supply would dry up which set off alarm bells instantly as we would need to hold the food we had just had delivered in case we would need the food to feed our birds. So all the excitement was put on the back burner. That was 4 weeks ago.

But Now!!

Chameleon in tree

Last week the supplier was still happily suppling so we chatted with the landlord of Ladds Garden Village, as the site has obviously closed down too and she has agreed that people will be able to meet us onsite in the car park and pick up their pre ordered stock. Happy Happy Happy Sadie!! So the web page is built, the adverts are out and the paper work is all done and a second order is in so roll up roll up come and get your frozen rats here!!!!


So if you know anyone that needs rats, mice, chicks, quail or rabbit please do pass on our details and let them know we are now suppling them. Or visit our Frozen Food Page now and have a look at what we have to offer.


Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy.

Stay home and stay safe, and we will see you all very very soon.