So last week, I am driving with my other half, taking the passenger seat time to check emails when I read a message from a lady called Linda Blacker asking whether we had a Snowy Owl as she had a photo-shoot planned with a You Tuber who specializes in all things Harry Potter. Well of course I replied immediately say of course I would LOVE to help out especially since we have the stunning Gimli in our team.

Now a you tuber is someone who makes a living from the video channel You Tube, and some of these guys are millionaires, its just phenomenal. I can imagine that Cherry is going to get there some day very soon. She is brilliant. Fun, beautiful, so down to earth and just a genuinely lovely lady. Her channel covers Harry Potter and everything associated but also just down to earth real life.  It was super interesting talking to her, my initial thoughts being that she just posted a few videos every couple of days and then swanned around being sent free merchandise!! How wrong I was!!! She works 7 days a week, planning, setting up, creating each video, guest staring, researching, even down to the fact that do do her hair and make up for each video (she does it herself) may take over two hours!!! I spend about 2 mins on mine!!!! (and it shows!!!)

The photo set was very simple just a black screen in our classroom with some Harry Potter props such as potion bottles, feathers, suit cases and the obvious a Broom Stick.  All together I think they where here 3 hours, setting up and getting dressed up. Gimli worked for about an hour and she was so so well behaved. Cherry had handled a European Eagle Owl before so was fine with Gimli but I think this may have been Lindas first time with the birds, but in true professional photographers form she had lots of patients and a clear vision of what she wanted so directing Gimli and myself was fairly easier for her.

Linda Instagram page is full of beautiful models real life and fantasy so I think she was very very at home with this shoot. Cherry also had her videographer with her so im hoping that some day soon there might be a behind the screens video from Cherry.

Amazingly today Cherry  and Linda popped the picture up on their Instagram accounts and over night we gained over 100 followers!! Hopefully some will stay, sharing our love for all things owls and birds of prey.

For a small businesses like ours this is such a huge boost and a privilege to have been part of . Thank you to Linda for finding us and thank you to Cherry for being such a beautiful model along side Gimli xxxxxx


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