Terms and Conditions for off site visits by Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre

1. Booking / Cancellations / Payment

1.1 Once the invoice has been received and the booking confirmed a minimum of 7 days notice is required to cancel or alter your booking. Any cancellations after this will result in a charge of full payment for the visit being issued.

1.2 Feathers and Fur reserve the right to re arrange a visit at any given time, with suitable explanation.

1.3 Feathers and Fur reserves the right to re arrange a session at any given time, with suitable explanation.

1.4 Payment for the session is due within 30 days of the visit, however invoices are issued at the time of booking and are sent out along with the confirmation email and paper work.


2.1 Long sleeve tops are required for all participants when handing or around Birds of Prey.

2.2 Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre accepts no responsibility for damage to clothing or cost of cleaning as a result of partaking in an educational talk or care therapy session.

3. Health and Handling of Birds of Prey

3.1 Health and safety briefing / rules will be given prior to commencement of the educational talk or care therapy session. In the event of a participant(s) not adhering to the health and safety rules they will be asked to leave the area or will not participate in the handling of the birds (without recourse to Feathers and Fur or any refund being made to the client/organiser(s)).

3.2 Participants are to inform the falconer or handler prior to the session of any allergic reactions that may occur as a result of handling birds.

3.3 Feathers and Fur accepts no responsibility for any damage, accident, injury or illness occurring during or as a result of the session or the due to participants’ contact with or handling of the birds or due to actions of the birds with regard to the touching and/or handling of the birds or being in the vicinity of the birds. All participants do so at their own risk. Feathers and Fur take every step to prevent any such incidents occurring

3.4 Feathers and Fur falconer will conduct a risk assessment on entering the area and adjust the sessions accordingly. This may involve not flying birds free or asking for the removal of air fresheners and strong chemicals which can be harmful for the birds. 

3.5 Organisers are to provide their own medical kits.

3.6 Feathers and Fur reserves the right to remove any Bird of Prey from a display, handling session or educational talk.

4. Handling of raw meat

4.1 Handling Birds of Prey requires the use of raw meat (chicken), Feathers and Fur advise against any direct contact with raw meat and this should be adhered to absolutely.

4.2 Participants will be given a protective leather glove and shall wear it when instructed to do so. The glove does not prevent bacterial or viral infection and all instructions to the participant by the falconer should be adhered to absolutely. Anti bacterial alcohol wash will be available from the falconer during and after the educational talk. Hands should be washed before eating and should not be placed in mouth or eyes before they have been cleaned.

4.3 The glove and equipment provided by Feathers and Fur must be returned to the falconer. The equipment remains the property of Feathers and Fur and in the event of any damage being caused to the equipment through the fault of the user, the client/organiser(s) will be liable to pay for the repair/replacement thereof.


5.1 All outdoor sessions are determined by the weather. Bad weather includes strong winds and rain. However school halls, club houses, meeting rooms or communal areas are perfect to use for the education session. All our birds perform well inside

5.2 Feathers and Fur reserves the right to cancel any session at any point leading up to and during the session as a result of extreme weather conditions

6. Property 

6.1 Feathers and Fur is not liable for damage or loss to persons or property however incurred.

6.2 Feathers and Fur asks that any visit take place on easy to clean flooring. There is a high risk of birds defecating on the floor and where possible Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre will clean up any faeces left by the birds, however in rooms where this is not possible i.e. carpet, it is the organisers responsibility to provide adequate floor covering such as sheet plastic or news paper.

6.3 Any audio or visual recording equipment is used at participant’s own risk.

6.4 Organisers and supervisory parents are to ensure the safety of children or vulnerable adults when attending Feathers and Fur visit. Feathers and Fur accepts no responsibility for any incidents or accidents, which may occur during the educational talk.

6.5 Organisers are to carry out their own risk assessments and have full insurance to cover the visit. Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre does hold public liability insurance, a copy of our certificate is available on request or vis the link given in your confirmation email.

7. Supervision

7.1 Feathers and Fur asks that teachers, teaching assistance, group leaders and supervisors remain with the children and vulnerable adults at all times during a visit. Any misbehaviour will be the responsibility of the teachers, ta’s, group leaders and supervisors and any participants causing disruption to the talk or those putting the birds, themselves, or others at risk will be ask to leave the area (see section 3.1).

7.2 Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre is happy for teachers, ta’s, group leaders, supervisors to take photos during the visit however accepts no responsibility in the role of confirming permission for pictures of individual children or vulnerable adults to be taken whilst handling Birds or Prey or attending visit.

8. Covid-19

8.1        Please contact Feathers and Fur Falconry immediately if the schools has had any Covid-19 symptoms or cases that may impact our visit. Feathers and Fur will also ensure that we will be in touch if the falconer is asked to self isolate. Should the session need to be cancelled due to any covid precautions including local lock downs then Feathers and Fur will do our best top rearrange a session suitable for both parties. Payment for the sessions is not due until after our visit incase of any covid problems.

By confirming / attending any visit by Feathers and Fur Falconers and the Birds all participants are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre, it is the sole responsibility of the organiser to ensure that all parents and participants are aware of the terms and conditions.