Finally an update!!! (November 2021) Its been so long and I feel that if you have followed us on social media you have been by our sides for every nail, plank of wood, wheel barrow of gravel, and tear. So as we approach Christmas 2022 I thought it was time to up date you on where we are at Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre. 

Firstly I want to say how amazing everyone has been, from Jamie and Olivia, the volunteers and the other business at Moss End who have welcomed us with open arms. I am truly in awe of what we have achieved together. Secondly here are the 3 key points of where the centre is in terms of opening and what we can offer……..

1 – we are able to do ALL our experience talks and visits. This is due to having our Animals Activities License which we passed in April 2021. 

2 – we are currently closed to the general public to simply walk in and visit the birds. This is due to currently (as of December) waiting on Bracknell Forest Council to grant planning permission for the change of use on the land and then to start the application progress for a ‘Zoo License’. 

3 –  we have however opened our main entrance and gift shop and love to chat with people when they come to have a look whilst visiting the Moss End Garden Village.

So what does this mean. Well ALL the experience sessions are taking place and it has been amazing to show people the centre, and without the general public coming in it always feels like your have the whole centre in your own private session. Its also been wonderful to visit schools and evening units such as Brownies and Scouts. As much as it was wonderful to be able to do zoom calls with the groups its lovely to actually see kids faces and hear their laughter. 

The delay with the council is very upsetting, it currently feels like all the weeks and months that Jamie, and I worked 7 days a week, for hours every day was a waste of time and we could have simply taken our time and not killed our selves. I know its amazing what we achieved in the small space of time but now our work is being held and judged by people that have no love or understanding for what we do and what we teach and for how much love and passion we have put into the business over the years and simply how much we sacrifice to have the centre. Sorry if that sounds a little emotional but its heart felt. 

All we can do is wait. 

So for now we have simply opened our gift shop and entrance way. From the main entrance you can see our 5 Harris Hawks and have a look in the wonderful gift shop which I absolutely adore. Perhaps pick up a gift or two for Christmas for anyone that loves birds. 

As soon as we hear from the council you will be hearing us shouting from the roof tops. We simply can not wait. I promise to be better at keeping the website up dated from now on. 

Please think about purchasing a gift voucher as a Christmas present, every sale helps to support us and keeps us going whilst we are still waiting. Check out the experience sessions web page and dont forget to buy your self a 2022 Owls of Feathers and Fur Calendar too. Ok im off to try and load all this onto the website!! Wish me luck!!