Survival School

Survival School - Foraging and Falconry

In 2006 Sadie attended a Foraging Day course with a company called Survival School. She spent the day learning about edible and medicinal plants and their uses and after a wonderfully educational experience she casually mentioned to the leader that this could be combined with hunting with a Hawk to add some meat to the pot. Two weeks later 'Foraging and Falconry' was on Survival Schools website and 6 years on Feathers and Fur is still working alongside Survival School to offer this totally unique experience.

The weekend course is split into 3 days and below is a breakdown of the experience. It's a wonderful way to get back to nature and to really appreciate the countryside for all its amazing tastes and uses.

Friday's Itinerary:foraging group

7pm Safety Brief

7:30pm Make Camp (light fires, put up tents)

8:30pm Meet the birds (depending on the moult it should be

Echo, the Harris Hawk and Acer the Peregrine)

9:30pm Make foraging and digging sticks.

 Saturday's Itinerary:

 8:30am Plant ID (Looking at edible, medicinal and poisonous plants)

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Learning to fly and hunt with a Harris Hawk (including falconer's knots, terminology and lots of hands on hawk flying)

3:30pm Ferreting and hawks.  Learning how to use the ferrets to flush rabbits and hunting them with the Harris Hawk.  You've got to see it to believe it.  Magical!

5:00pm More Foraging.  This time you go out and forage for your evening meal.  Especially ingredients to go with a rabbit stew!

7:00pm Woodland Cooking.  You cook the meal that you've been foraging and hunting for all day.

 Sunday's Itinerary:

8:30am Tree ID, learning how to identify trees and what we use them for in the woods and at home.

10:00am Flying the Peregrine Falcon.  Outstandingly breathtakingly magnificent.

Midday: Photos, certificates and sadly, as all good things must come to an end, depart.

The itinerary may change depending on the weather as the birds will not fly in heavy rain.  This means that we may have to wait for the breaks in the rain.


Booking a spot on the Foraging and Falconry course is done via Survival School, but please feel free to contact our booking team if you have any questions.