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  1. So finally the day has come when I spend hours sat in front of the computer creating a Christmas master piece of a website!! Well master piece may be a step to far but I have spent hours sitting learning all about using my new computer to create cool banners for the Christmas offers that we will be running this year. This one is my favourite…….


     Christmas Banner


    Its been so long since I wrote my last blog that I have so much to tell you, in fact too much to fit in here and to be honest I am sure time is short for everyone!  So here are the cliff notes….LOL!


    Melody has yet to appear, I am holding out hope that someone has her so may be one day she will show up.


    One of my oldest Harris Hawks was stolen by a gentleman that I stupidly trusted, lesson learnt and the police have been involved, eak!!


    On a better note we have added to our team with 4 wonderful birds, a beautiful male Barn owl called Bailey, two very very cute Little Owls called Pip and Squeak and a happy young Harris Hawk called Emmet. All are wonderful and on show at the centre.


    We lost our handsome old Giant Rabbit George to old age and his younger bunny lady has been rehomed with a wonderful family who has an almost identical male, Milly (now renamed Pudding – to cute for words!!) and this young male seem very happy together.


    Louise has moved on from Feathers and Fur to start Lu’s owls a fab business that focuses on British Owls for young peoples birthday parties with a story telling element. We are still great friends and work together often.


    We have rebuilt the Big Owls and Barn Owl aviaries plus built the Little owls new pad, next we plan to build a classroom to enable us to do sessions in all weather.


    Phew. Ok so I should go but quick reminder that all our falconry sessions come as a voucher, which are fab Christmas presents and are currently on offer. Although keep an eye here cause I think I may run a black Friday offer too!!!